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Mastic/Coating Removal Floor Prep Machine | Mastercraft®

Mastic/Coating Removal Floor Prep Machine | Mastercraft®

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Mastercraft MD17E-MAS: Power Through Floor Prep Challenges 

Tackle tough floor prep jobs with the Mastercraft MD17E-MAS, a powerful and versatile floor prep machine designed for professional applications. This American-made workhorse (Made in the USA 🇺🇸) delivers exceptional performance for construction, maintenance, and restoration projects.

Ideal for:

  • Construction & Maintenance Companies: This Floor Prep Machine Remove old coatings, mastic, and tough residues efficiently.
  • Industrial & Manufacturing Facilities: Maintain clean and level floors for safety and productivity.
  • Environmental Organizations: Address hazardous material removal and clean-up projects with our Floor Prep Machine.
  • Property Managers (Commercial & Residential): Restore and prepare floors for new tenants or renovations.

Master Performance & Durability:

  • Powerful 1.5 HP Motor: The Mastercraft floor prep machine delivers exceptional torque for demanding tasks.
  • Triple Planetary Drive: Ensures smooth operation and efficient power transfer with our Floor Prep Machine.
  • Durable 17" Driver: Handles a variety of floor prep attachments effectively.
  • All-Metal Handle with Trigger Lock: Provides comfortable control and reduces operator fatigue.
  • Aluminum Apron & Vinyl Bumper: Protects the machine and surrounding areas from damage.
  • 50' Cord: Offers exceptional reach without needing to constantly switch outlets.

Additional Benefits:

  • Versatile Applications: Use with various attachments for grinding, polishing, stripping, and more (attachments sold separately).
  • Time-Saving Efficiency: Powerful motor and large driver size expedite cleaning times.
  • Peace of Mind: Backed by a reliable warranty of 2 years.

Master the art of floor prep with the American-made power of the Mastercraft MD17E-MAS-AR floor prep machine.

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Driver Motor

1.5 HP, 120 V

Transmission Drive

Triple Planetary Drive

Max Current Draw

13.2 Amps

Driver Size


Driver Speed

175 RPM

Cord Length

50', 14/3 STW


All Metal w/ Trigger Lock Mechanism







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