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SootMaster® 641M

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The Sootmaster® are the most durable and recognized line of furnace vacuums on the market today. It includes a removable cloth filter and totally-enclosed disposable filter bag designed to recover more dirt than any other vacuum cleaner of its same overall size. The filter power system is completely foolproof. Vacuum efficiency is maintained at its maximum level from the time the filter bag is installed to when it is filled.

What's Included:

    • 14" Filter Frame
    • 14" Pancake Filter Cloth
    • 14" Hose, Cage
    • 27" Crevice Tool
    • Filter Bags, 5/pk
    • 10 Ft Rubber Lined Canvas Hose




1 HP, 120 V


94 CFM

Max Current Draw

7 Amps

Recovery Tank Capacity

.5 Bushel

Recovery Tank Type

Cold Rolled Steel

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